OHMETRON Round Bath- Oil Bath

  • Digital PID control
  • Dry run protection
  • Clear bottom with external heater Temperature range up to 300°C
  • Size available in 1, 3 ,5 ,10, 20 liters
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Gas Chromatography

Crystal 9000 is a high-end gas chromatography system created to meet all challenges. The original design of the system’s components offers a universal platform to reach maximum flexibility and efficiency. 25 years of experience launched Chromatec to develop the fully automated Crystal 9000 GC to cover a wide range of applications with the easiest way to function.

Crystal 9000 GC’s additional tools and accessories could be provided to increase productivity and laboratory throughput.

By that, we have managed to reach the unreachable, unifying the three aspects of any analytical instrument:

Performance in task solving
Stability during the time

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Thermal Cycler (PCR Machine)

The Thermal Cycler (also known as a Thermocycler, PCR Machine or DNA Amplifier) is a laboratory apparatus used to amplify segments of DNA via the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). The device has a thermal block with holes where tubes holding the PCR reaction mixtures can be inserted. The cycler then raises and lowers the temperature of the block in discrete, pre-programmed steps.

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Laboratory Refrigerator

Laboratory refrigerators supplied with digital controller, glass door, alarm system to meet the demanding requirements of laboratory research. These refrigerator has temperature ranging from +2°C to +8°C and all models are combined with two exact sensors and auto defrost.

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Deep Freezer

Eco Friendly PUF Insulation has thickness of 80mm. Projected door prevents condensation & allows product view. Inner & outer doors are sealed around the entire perimeter by silicone sponge rubber gasket.

Bullet feet with in-built screwing adjustment are specially designed for long life under heavy load

Heavy Duty refrigeration system, maintenance free, with hermetically sealed refrigeration compressors and reliable refrigeration to minimize noise and vibration.

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ISE Meter

High-quality benchtop and portable ISE meters are essential to the routine ion measurements you perform every day. The benchtop and portable meters for ion concentration and temperature analysis are design to help you measure samples across a wide range of applications and deliver the features and functionality you look for in a lab or field instrument:

  • Accurate, consistent results – day after day.
  • Easy-to-use features that maximize productivity and minimize training time.
  • A wide selection of benchtop and portable meters meet your application requirements and budget.
  • Durable construction for long product life.
  • Modular meter designs for maximum configuration flexibility and functional expandability to help address your evolving requirements.
  • Integration with our line of Thermo Scientific™ ROSS™ electrodes - offering a complete solution with total confidence.
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