Anton Paar’s viscometers have revolutionized viscosity measurement. With the SVM Viscometer series and the Lovis 2000 M/ME rolling-ball viscometer, viscosity determinations are quicker and easier than ever before. If you wish to study viscosity in rotation, Anton Paar’sViscoQC 100/300 and RheolabQC achieve precisely what is required, no matter whether you want to run quick single-point viscosity checks or more sophisticated rheological tests.

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Density Meter

DMA™ 4100 M delivers the 4-digit density values you need and is not affected by your working environment and workforce. It applies the patented Pulsed Excitation Method to deliver the most stable density results based on comprehensive knowledge of the oscillation characteristics. This method results in viscosity correction which is twice as effective as anything else available on the market. The integrated camera allows you to check the filling procedures of your operators at any time and also at the end of the working day. The patented condition monitoring ensures that frequently changing users with differing filling approaches, humidity, temperature fluctuations, air pressure, and instrument condition all have no effect on the operation and results – built-in intelligence for your convenience.

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Flash Point Tester

At which temperatures will your sample burn, ignite, or cause fire? How are your flammable liquids composed, and what are their properties? Volatility is directly related to a substance‘s flash point temperature (flammability).

Anton Paar’s flash point testing equipment safely and easily determines the values you require for the processing, storage, transportation, and classification of dangerous liquids.

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Analytical Balances

Shimadzu analytical balances boast a one-piece UniBloc weighing sensor, which is now even more advanced. The response time is reduced to about 1/5 the time of previous models. The improved UniBloc sensor offers a response time of just 2 seconds, an improvement from 10 seconds with the previous model.

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