Fully Automatic Polarimeter

The powerful MCP polarimeter series from Anton Paar precisely, quickly, and easily determines the optical rotation of chiral substances. Based on a modular concept, the user-friendly MCP polarimeters are open to customer-specific configuration and are easily extended with a variety of sample cells and wavelength options in order to ideally suit your requirements.

Semi Automatic Polarimeter

ADVANCE has been designing and manufacturing precision Polarimeters and Saccharimeters for the last 40 years. This experience ensures the best and latest in Polarimeter technology, designs and features are incorporated in our instruments. Polarimeters are used for the determination of the Optical Rotation of all Optically Active substances and used in testing Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Essential Oils, Sugars, Foodstuffs, Brewery products etc.. The Polarimeters and Saccharimeters are available in two series. The PA Series is suitable for observation tubes up to 220mm while PB series can accommodate tubes upto 400 mm. They offer an accuracy of 0.01°Angular Scale and 0.5°ISS.

An outstanding feature of ADVANCE Polarimeters is the incorporation of precision glass scale and scale plate with minutely finished rotating mechanism and Tropic proof highly sensitive optical system. The test result can be read precisely and directly without the aid of a vernier and its associated errors. The latest addition is use of an Integrated Lighting System, in place of the bulky and fragile Sodium Lamp, which gives the advantage of immediate illumination while saving table space and electrical power.

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Measure the refractive index and concentration of liquids, gels and solids using laboratory refractometers from Anton Paar – the universally applicable and user-friendly Abbemat series. Simply take your pick depending on the accuracy, temperature range and level of automation you require - you can be sure to find a digital refractometer model to suit your application and budget.

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