Biorelevant Media

    IVIVC Fluid Features:

  • Fastest Biorelevant solublity & dissolution studies of APIs & dosage forms for better in vivo prediction.
  • Single use container for dissolution studies of 6 vessels. can make 3.5L of FaSSIF Dissolution Fluid & 7.0l of FeSSIF Dissolution Fluid .
  • Cost-effectiveIVIVC Fluid are the replacement to the expensive biorelevant medias availabl in the market.
  • Time SavingIVIVC Fluid can make any volume of media required, in seconds Manufactured from highest specification ingredients and analytical methods availablwe QC released with COA & MSDS.
  • Media powder being very hygroscopic, high quality & heavy duty moisture resistant containers with plug seal & screw cap are selected.
  • Global and local availablity.
  • Consistent supply backed by strong technical team.
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Tablet Dissolution System

The Pharma Test media addition station PTWS 820-MA together with the PTWS 820D tablet dissolution testing instrument can be used to perform the automated media half change for delayed release dosage forms. The operation is performing according to the requirements from USP <711>, EP <2.9.3> and CP <931> for delayed release dosage forms (in CP, enteric coated dosage forms). The test will start with 750ml of 0.1N HCl. After 2 hours, 250ml of concentrated, pre-heated buffer solution will be dosed quickly into the dissolution vessels. The pH will change to 6.8 and the dosage form should then start to dissolve.

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Tablet Disintegration Tester

This is the fully automatic version of the PTZ AUTO 2. With upgraded electronics and the PT-MKT or PT-MKT33 baskets. The dual station Tablet and Capsule Disintegration Test Instrument will allow the fully automated determination of the exact disintegration time of all tablets in the baskets. The PTZ AUTO EZ has a built in electric lift, so medium change for extended disintegration times is made easy. All of the PTZ AUTO EZ Fully Automated Tablet Disintegration Test Instruments meet the specifications of USP and EP monographs in full. .

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