UV-Vis SpectroMeter

From ultra high-performance UV, Vis and NIR systems to the smallest spectrophotometers, our analytical solutions offer reliable data and the highest available performance specifications using superior optical features.

If you are working in a regulated industry, need a wide range of sampling options, or need to process a large number of samples, you'll find our UV-Vis systems are easy to operate, and deliver results you can trust with a minimum of operator training.

And for the most advanced applications, the newest additions to our molecular spectrophotometry portfolio redefine your range of capabilities by providing a previously impossible level of sensitivity, resolution, and scanning speed in the near infrared range.

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Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Tens of thousands of installations worldwide rely on PerkinElmer spectrometers to obtain accurate results from inorganic elemental analyses quickly, efficiently, effortlessly. No matter what your field, application or sample type, we have the tools and expertise to help -- all based on more than 50 years at the forefront of atomic spectroscopy technology. Take advantage of our complete array of solutions for unparalleled performance, accuracy, and confidence.

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Microwave Digestion System

Superior trace elemental analysis begins with outstanding sample preparation. With over 40 years of experience Anton Paar strives to make microwave digestion easier and more convenient than ever before – thanks to sophisticated instrument and vessel concepts, state-of-the-art sensor technology, and the highest safety standards. Anton Paar offers the broadest range of instruments for all kinds of applications: microwave digestion systems Multiwave 7000 and Multiwave GO, the microwave reaction platform Multiwave 5000, the conventionally heated HPA-S as well as Multicube 48.

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Microwave Synthesis System

Anton Paar’s powerful synthesis reactors – the Monowave series, Multiwave 5000 SOLV and Masterwave BTR – all deliver outstanding performance. From smallest quantities to gram-scale library generation and kilogram batch processing, you can be sure to find the right solution for your synthesis application. Whichever choice you make for your laboratory, the systems’ intuitive software always guarantees precise control of your reaction parameters.

Anton Paar’s flash point testing equipment safely and easily determines the values you require for the processing, storage, transportation, and classification of dangerous liquids.

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